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The Research Participant Registry is a database that is made up of people who have volunteered to consider participation in research studies for themselves or their children. Its goal is to bring the medical research advances to those who can benefit from them more directly and quickly. Although the Research Participant Registry is a joint effort between the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC, neither you nor your child need be a patient in the UPMC health care system to sign up for the Registry. To date, the Registry has had more than 95,800 people sign up to hear more about research and health topics.


  • To learn about ways to possibly improve your, or your child’s, health
  • To gain access to new medications, tests, and programs before they become widely available or that may not be available outside of research
  • To potentially help others
  • To further knowledge of health and effective medical care

To find out about the Research Participant Registry and opportunities to participate in research studies (or to withdraw from the Registry),
contact or call 1-866-438-8230.
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